Items Lost at Delhi Airport include Passports Laptops Cameras Wallets & Mobile Phones

Laptops, cameras, wallets, passports, PAN cards & Mobile phones are the items which generally forget and left behind by the Passengers at Delhi airport. ­ The next time you are at the Delhi airport, make sure you don't leave your mobile phones behind at the baggage screening area or the waiting area. The details of items, including laptops, cameras and passports collected from the airport, are also available online.

Those who follow up with Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) officials and give them the required details are able to get their lost items back, but such people are relatively few in number ­ there are a lot of lost and found items still deposited with airport authorities.

The approximate value of the various items that passengers forget at the airport (from January to May, 2016) is approximately RS.2 crore.  Out of this, only goods worth Rs.91 lakh were returned to passengers. “Lost items are collected from spots like the screening area, waiting lounge, toilets and other checking points. While people are usually very careful with documents such as passports, they tend to leave behind items like phones, laptops, wallets etc more easily.

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