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Shopping Tour of Delhi Walks

Shopping Tour of Delhi Walks
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  • Digambar Jain Temple Digambar Jain Temple Jul 04, 2016   It is a 16th Century redstone Digambar Jain Lal Mandir located opposite the Red Fort.  Its marble floors and coluns, painted ceilings and gilded ..

Shopping Tour of Delhi

Delhi remained favourite for many shoppers at the top of their list as prime shopping destination for past so many centuries. You will find textile, jewellery, shoes, spices, bags, cutlery sets, leather products, woodcarving, carpets, lamps, handicrafts, traditional, modern and contemporary Indian Art, and never ending list... 

Here you will find different markets or shopping areas and each one of them is famous for specific products and are specialise for their respective ambience. 

This tour is basically for 4 hours. Vehicle is for 4 hours or 50 kilometers fair user policy and includes under mention places:

  1. Chandni Chowk
    This part of area is very famous for jewellery, spices, raw fabrics and traditional restaurants.
  2. Connaught Place
    Always welcome for tailor made shirts, trousers, suites and modern restaurants.
  3. BGandhi Market
    Here you will be able to visit number of Handicraft Emporiums operated by different State Governments. You will find never ending all major forms of traditional art sculpture, paintings, carvings, carpets, puppets etc.
  4. Delhi Cottage Shops
    One of the famous markets for foreigners and local Delhites for trendy clothes in budget.
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Operated: Enquire before booking.
Timings: 11am to 1pm
Booking: In advance only


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